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Q. How does it work?

A. Dr Rife's technology is based on the well-known scientific principle that movement creates heat. He determined that applying focused vibration to cancer cells destroys the cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue. The reason is that cancer cells have unusually high iron content; applying a specific type of vibrational field to these cells heats the iron, causing the cancer cells to overheat and die. The technology also works against bacteria and viruses, which also contain iron.

Dr. Rife was a prolific inventor who dedicated his life to developing disease-combating technology. He built the first micromanipulator, micro-dissectors, and heterodyning microscopes, ultimately receiving 14 government awards for his discoveries and an honorary medical degree. One of Dr. Rife's early achievements was his powerful universal microscope, which allowed him to actually see a living virus.

After years of diligent effort, Dr. Rife succeeded in isolating the cancer virus. He tested his new oscillating machine by treating cancerous tumors in 400 lab animals, eliminating 100 percent of the tumors simply by applying a modified vibrational signature. Dr. Rife went on to use his technology to treat other diseases, many of which had been stubbornly resistant to previous attempts at treatment. Using his specialized equipment, Dr. Rife identified the energetic signature of each microbe, and then determined the precise frequency settings needed to eliminate them.

Q. Is it FDA approved?

A. The FDA won't approved this technology for one main reason. Profits. It cuts too much into their business. This technology kills pathogens and solves the problem. The FDA just want to treat, not solve.

Q. What kind of conditions can it be used for?

A. Many. Including AIDS, Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Back pain, Cancers, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Herpes, Leukemia, Lyme's, Parkinson, Stroke and many others. Please visit for complete list and recommended frequencies.

Q. Do Rife machine work?

A. Most people have very good results. Of course some will have no effect.

Q. Any proven statistic or testimony?

A. Yes. Many. Please check out the book by Barry Lynes, The Cancer Cure that Worked, and the book by Bryan Rosner, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. Also, search yahoo, google, and e-bay for "Rife machine"

Q. Are Rife machine dangerous?

A. Chemical medicine is much more dangerous than a Rife machine.

Q. How do Rife machine work?

A. There are many different theories behind Rife machines. Bacteria and virus break a part at certain frequencies. Electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger. The body becomes ill from abnormal electrical patterns. Rife machines correct the electrical imbalance in the body. It could be possible that cell regeneration is produced by certain electrical frequencies. Tumors or cancers may overheat and die when exposed to Rife machines.

Q. What is the difference between the output of a contact or pad type instrument and the output of the Ray Tube?

A. Contact or pad type instruments deliver frequencies through contact, while Ray Tube Instruments transmit frequencies indirectly through the air. Direct contact is a substantial more powerful and accurate than indirect contact. The Ray tube is terribly inefficient, and being an indirect contact devise, requires much more power at the higher frequencies to deliver it's output.

Q. What is the difference between the Blaster and the programmable Blaster?

A. The Blaster is like driving a manual transmission car and the programmable Blaster is like driving a automatic transmission car. With the Blaster unit, one would have to enter each different frequency every 3 minutes or so. With the programmable blaster, one would just have to select the desire file and press run.

Q. How does the programmable blaster compare with the others commercial built Rife machines?

A. When tested, the programmable Blaster will match the GB4000 spec. for spec. The only advantage the GB4000 has over the programmable Blaster is the ability to run 8 frequencies at a time. The programmable Blaster will produce square wave frequencies,   store up to 1,500 conditions, perform sweep functions, run carrier frequencies, adjustable built-in timer, just like the GB4000, but at half the   price. The Wellness machine is not capable of performing sweep functions, or run carrier frequencies.

Q. What frequencies should I use to treat my condition?

A. Visit this website for more information:

Q. Is there a user forum for Rife?

A. Yes, visit

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